Massive Audio’s NEW 2012 Nano Block “Nx3” Arriving December 1st 2011

Massive Audio, Los Angeles California, a leader in car audio for over 13 years has up the ante!  The ever popular Nano Block ‘micro topology amps’ are “Leading the Way” by offering the smallest installation footprint with the biggest “BFTB”! (Bang for the Buck)

The Massive Audio Nano Block Series amplifiers that currently include: the multi-channel Nx2, Nx4, Nx5, & mono-block N2, N3, N4 have now expanded by adding the NEW “Nx3” Tri channel family member for 2012!

Massie Audio has taken the HOT selling Class A/B two channel amplifier “Nx2” and the incredible Class D “N2” and combined it into one model with dual power supplies boasting a staggering 2080 Watts!

The NEW “Nx3” is 120 watts RMS (240w Max) @ 4 Ohm x 2 + 800 watts RMS (1600 Max) @ 1 Ohm x 1 and has the CEA 2006 compliance rating seal.

The (now shipping) Nx3 also has new extra features no other Nano Block has ever had! Like all Nano amps, the Nx3 has adjustable 24dB Hi/Low pass crossovers, 12dB bass boost and a 24dB sub harmonic filter for the sub channel. Now the engineers at Massive have added two awesome new features!

First is an adjustable one band parametric EQ with a center frequency range of 30-80 Hz. Second is a variable bass “Q” control that will allow you to adjust the frequency bell curve to pick the precise octave range of the bass boost. Both of these great features will help make audiophile installations a breeze!

This little flexible power house of an amp is only 2.1”H x 5.5”W x 13.2”L and will increase the stakes in the 12 Volt world. You can view the NEW Nx3 at the 2012 CES Show in Las Vegas NV booth #717 North Hall January 10-13. “GET MASSIVE”

M.S.R.P.  $719.95 (Available December 1st 2011)