Massive Audio Now Shipping Professional Audio Line Up For 2011!


Since 1999 Massive Audio has been producing High Performance Car Audio and has now added a unique line-up of high quality Pro Audio products for DJ, Live Stage and Enhanced Car Audio applications.
These units have generated enthusiastic response from South American Distributors since the end of 2010. They have now been released in the USA and early reports indicate that the product is “incredible”.

M SERIES- MID-RANGE SPEAKERS Massive Audio’s new Professional Grade- High Efficiency, High Power Mid-Range Speaker designs are a result of years of experience, research and dedication to high professional audio products. Our NEW “M Series” line of mid-range speakers are built to deliver the best quality sound at price points that are sure to make any enthusiast ecstatic. Applications include everything from PA, DJ and Car Audio installations.

MS SLIM SERIES- MID-RANGE SPEAKERS Massive Audio’s new MS Series Shallow Mount Mid-Range Speakers along with its M Series brethren are all engineered in the USA to perform at perfectly selected mid-range frequencies with high sensitivity to enhance your listening experience. The “Slim Series” presents both component and soon to be released co-axial versions for even more flexibility. These units even feature a special heat shielding on top of the speaker to help dissipate extra heat helping keep your speakers play longer! Slim Series deliver clean high output and will fit into most any restricted spaces courtesy of their high powered neodymium magnet assembly and low profile mounting for any limited space restrictions!

MM/MB SERIES- MID-RANGE/ MID-BASS SPEAKERS Massive Audio’s new High Powered Mid-Range & Mid-Bass Speakers offer high-end profile divers for a truly Massive musical experience. Usable in so many applications these drivers feature: Think cast aluminum baskets, 38mm (M6M)/ 50mm (M6B) CCAW voice coils with capton formers, Ferro fluid cooled, Hybrid Ferrite + Neodymium magnets, Custom cloth surround, Built in Hi-Pass filters and AccuCone technology for powerful yet graceful playback.

T SERIES- PRO/ CAR AUDIO SUPER BULLET TWEETERS Massive Audio’s new T44, CT 4 & CT 6 Series Super Bullet Titanium Tweeters are high powered compression drivers that deliver rich high frequency playback and allow for easy in car mounting. The T44 features a 44mm CCAW field replaceable voice coil with High Grade Ferrite magnets and will scream with its 105dB sensitivity. Respectively the CT 4 (1″ voice coil) and CT 6 (1.75″ voice coil) Bullet Tweeters feature die cast aluminum frames, high temperature voice coils and high density neodymium magnets and will deliver up to 300 Watts peak power to ensure that your highs cut through for the perfect blend!

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