Massive Audio Hi-Low Converter Making OEM Easy!

Massive Audio a California USA based leader of 12 volt audio for over 13 years is rolling across the USA like a sonic tornado. Fresh off their great showing at the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas where their three wheeled “Spider” Can Am racer took home a national CES  award by finishing in the top 3 as “Best In Show.”

Now Massive is connecting the 12 Volt world with its “Hi-Low” line converter. This simple full featured device can convert any OEM car audio system to any car amplifier with an almost “plug and play” install. It utilizes a “music sensing input” to turn itself on and off and has a “12 volt remote out” to control the operation of other audio devices. With a MRSP of only $39.99 and a MAP of $29.99 it is truly a “Massive Value”. Here are just some of the features on the Massive “Hi-Low” converter.

o   Auto music sensing on/off input

o   2-Channel operation

o   12 Volt remote output

o   Works with all 12V Amplifiers

o   No adjustments needed

o   Ideal for adding a subwoofer to your vehicle without giving up factory features

o   1-Year MSW Warranty

o   Takes any speaker level stereo signal from any source and converts it to a perfect dual 4.5 Volt line level low distortion RCA output