EXTERMINATE! Massive Audio Celebrates Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary with Creation of World’s Largest Dalek Bluetooth Speaker

Los Angeles, California – November 21th, 2013

Massive Audio® announced today they are constructing the largest, loudest and most deadly portable Bluetooth speaker in the Galaxy. This creation was inspired by the long running and award winning British television show Doctor Who®, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Created from recovered plans from the planet Skaro, this floor show cyborg, dubbed “Dalek Massive” is modeled after the Doctor’s most loathed enemy; the fearsome Dalek. These extraterrestrial terrors can blast and defeat their foes with their advanced technology faster than you can say Raxacoricofallapatorius.

Massive Audio’s room commanding six foot “Dalek Massive” will be armed with over 40 speakers installed for a mind blowing sonic blast that would make even The Doctor quake in his bowtie. “Dalek Massive” will be unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show on January 7th – 11th 2014 to help showcase Massive Audio’s award winning car audio line as well as launching their new array of Bluetooth products.

“Dalek Massive” will feature forty Massive Audio DX Series coaxial speakers, 3000 watt Summo Series subwoofer, 7” Bluetooth monitor as well as both D-Bit Series mono and full range digital amplifiers. Kinetik Audio sponsored the batteries and power supplies and NCD donated their smart phone relays for total Bluetooth control of the Daleks movements and playback.  Truly a portable sonic powerhouse that will rival anything in the Galaxy.

After its introduction at CES 2014 the Dalek will go on a tour in the US, UK, Canada and Australia before being auctioned off and donated to charity in July 2014.

Stay tuned for news, tour, and auction dates on Facebook and www.massiveaudio.com. Massive Audio will be located in booth 2805 in the North Hall LVCC at the Consumer Electronic Show.

You have been warned; no power in the universe can stop the Daleks!

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